Ninebot One is an intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool with interactive function. With your exclusive transporter Ninebot one, you can say goodbye to the crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure, being the master of the world.

Fashionable and futuristic design

Concise, fashionable, decent and elegant

Delicate porcelain texture appearance and original frame style in the industry

Amazing shells with optional colors

Multi colors option, match whatever you want.

Various of color kits available, users can replace by themselves to keep a gorgeous appearance.

Iridescent atmosphere lamp is full of personality

Tens of thousands of colors choice, cool and shiny.

Color can be set via Ninedroid App, with the light effect of breathing, blinking, flowing and customization, making every Ninebot One out of ordinary.

Magnesium alloy frame and pedal

Antiskid, stable and secure.

The top high-pressure casting craft of magnesium alloy, spacious and elegant AIO pedal are with perfect performance in skid resistance.

Elegant appearance, smooth design without edges is not only for beauty but also a security for freshmen.

Non-visual lifting handle design

Light and portable

The magnesium alloy and elastic polyurethane lifting handle is hidden in the vehicle and can pop out if needed.

Being compatible with popular accessories

We provide two optional accessories for Ninebot One – accessory holder and assistant wheel set.

Accessory holder is compatible with most popular bike accessories, like headlight, width laser lamp, car voice box and so on.

In a word, Ninebot one can be installed with those accessories you image.

Easy to disassemble and replace components

Meeting up with your exploring spirit.

Modular design concept, easy to disassemble, replace any components, even DIY.

Intelligent safety alarm system

Triple safety alarm with sound, light and sense, ensuring a safe driving.

Alarm of over speed, over leaning, low power, internal malfunction and overheating.

Inheriting the intelligent warning system of lighting, leaning backward and vehicle vibration remind of Ninebot.

Waterproof of IP65, regardless of wind and rain.

Ninebot one will always be a companion regardless of the weather.

The electrical system of Ninebot One is fully sealing and filling, which means that you can use it anywhere anytime with no concerns.

Just clean it with water spray if it is dirty.

Ninedroid App, smart travel

Ninedroid™ App tracking all the time.

Ninedroid 2.0 App will be available in Apple
store and Android Market soon.

You just can’t help loving it with the function
of instrument dashboard, customization light
effect setting, remote firmware updating,
ranking list and community.

High performance and efficiency

ree running with a max speed of 18km/h.

16 inch ultra-thin super power brushless motor with Ninebot sine wave frequency conversion technology, making Ninebot One’s performance top in the industry.







Ultrafast charging of the super lithium battery

Optional battery of 83Wh and 240Wh, can be full charged within 60-120 mins with a standard charger.

250W high performance fanless ac adapter available, can full charge the battery within 30-60 nins.

AppearanceAnodized silver+ porcelain white + translucent limeAnodized silver+ porcelain white + sky blueColor kits optional
Operation barHandless lever, aluminum alloy with silicon leg padHand lever with steering barHand operation bar is not available on Ninebot-C
Vehicle size390 x 590 x 760mm390 x 590 x 1100~1400mm(L*W*H)
Gross weight~23.5Kg~23.5Kg
Max. speed~16Km/h~20Km/hPractical max speed depends on the battery status
Operation bar package size~1190×163×128mm
Remote key12Operating range: 5-10m without cover and block
Voltage/battery capacityStandard battery pack 55.5V/450WhPower enhanced battery pack 55.5V/450WhNo less than 1000 life cycles of battery pack
Working modeStand-by mode, power assistant mode, balance mode, lock modeStand-by mode, power assistant mode, speed limit mode, balance mode, remote control mode, lock mode
Light (general)ear stop lamp, foot mat panel indicator (power and balance)Rear stop lamp, foot mat panel indicator (power and balance)
Wireless connectionLCD dashboard, fault diagnosis expert system, Bluetooth remote control ( with handless lever or without operation bar), Bluetooth connection, wireless remote update firmware, remote diagnosis ( with Ninedroid APP)
DashboardReadable panel under sunlight, automatic brightness adjustment function, battery/ mileage/ speed/ driving time/ internal temperature/ firmware ersion, Switch from speed limit mode/ remote control mode/ lock moe, Bluetooth connection status display, alarm information display, fault display/ error code display
Light (special)Operation bar atmosphere lamp
Standard accessoryAccessory hold*1Parking stand *1
Main materialMagnesium alloy + aluminum alloy + LEXAN resin
Weight without operation bar~22Kg(operation bar, charger no included)
Size when operation bar dismounted~390×590×400mm(operation bar, charger no included)
Mainframe package size~620×444×470mm
Typical max payload100KgThis value may be influenced by ground status, riding habit and battery level
MileageTypical>20KmTested by a 75kg rider on flat ground at the constant speed of 15km/h continues riding
Typical climbing angle~20Based on 75kg rider and full battery power Asphalt road surface
Passing capacityCement road, asphalt road, flat earth road, flat grassland, and macadam pavement; not suitable for muddy, sand or rugged road Able to pass the deceleration strip, and go upstairs/downstairs or pass the road shoulder in power assistant mode
Tire/rim size85/50-12 customized tire/12×2.7 Resin-Steel Fusion rim
Dual redundant backup systemBattery, power MGMT., Gyro system, Critical wirings
Charger1 standard charger,120W110V/220V self-adapted
Charge time4 hours to full charge
Driving data recorder (black box)Yes

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